Monday, June 15, 2009

Cubs... Sox...Let's Get It Over!

The annual invasion of Wrigley Field by the White Sox and their mullet-headed fans, whose idea of wit always includes usage of the work "suck," begins tomorrow.

Whoopdee freakin' doo.

I am so over the Crosstown rivalry. I could care less what the Sox are doing except for this brief period where they are playing the various teams also residing in the NL Central.

The Crosstown rivalry used to be something that both sides of town could count on to help determine which team was superior. At the very least, it was fun to ruin a perfectly good season by the other team by winning the series.

2005 changed all of that. The Sox reached the Holy Grail first. There isn't anything that winning a stupid mid-season series can do to change that. So what's left to argue about?

The Crosstown was Chicago's World Series because neither of the teams ever had a real one to celebrate for almost 90 years. Since that can no longer be said, the only thing that adds any fuel to this "rivalry" is the White Sox fans having an annual opportunity to rub our noses in it. Awesome.

In order for a Cubs fan to come out of the crosstown series with any semblance of happiness, a sweep is almost necessary. Anyone want to bet me money that the Cubs pull off their second consecutive sweep in Wrigley? I'll take the bet. I would gladly lose money on a bet to insure the Cubs taking all three games.

Let's go Cubs. Just get this damn series over with.


Matt Clapp said...

Agree completely Tim.

Mike from a Humble Cubs Fan said...

I hope the Cubs start hitting something soon or we won't be sweeping anything.

Tim McGinnis said...

Call me crazy, bur I still think the Cubs will find their bats, one way or another. Whether it is in time for this series is debatable.

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