Monday, June 22, 2009

Players Union to Be Led By a Weiner Instead of a Dick is reporting that the head of the MLB players union, and all-around dick, Donald Fehr, is stepping down.

"Fehr, 60, informed player representatives of his decision during a conference call on Monday, according to the New York Daily News, which cited a source who had been briefed on the call. Fehr told the players that he has been 'doing this for 32 years and it's time to go.'"

The man who played a significant role in causing the cancellation of the World Series in 1994, and who at least ignored, if not covered up, players' performance enhancing drug use in the years following will be replaced by Michael Weiner.

This news is sure to have a far-reaching effect on both players and management as they will now spend a disproportionate amount of time in meetings, laughing inappropriately every time Mr. Weiner's name is mentioned.

Donald Fehr will assuredly remain a dick, though now only his friends and family will care.


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