Monday, February 2, 2009

Andy MacPhail Trying to Put the Band Back Together

The Cubs traded Rich Hill to the Baltimore Orioles for the dreaded Player to be Named Later. I haven't seen any details about the trade as it was just announced, but I'm guessing there are a number of players that the Cubs could take back in return for Hill. The list may be conditional depending on whether Hill makes the Orioles' 25-man roster out of Spring Training.

This is all speculation, but I'm sure Hendry is wary about trading a guy that has been projected as a #3 starter for nothing. At the same time, Andy MacPhail is not about to give up too much for a pitcher who has showed absolutely no evidence of being that #3 starter since 2007.

I'm sure the trade will be "fair," but it still irritates me. Hill is added to the list of "untouchable" players in the Cubs' system that have ended up providing no value at all to the major league club. I just thank the Lord that Hendry did end up trading away Hee Seop Choi and Bobby Hill before the whole world found out that they weren't any good either.

Granted, Hill is a slightly different case because he did perform on the major league level for a full season and there was no real indication that he was going to fall off the table like he did, but that is not enough to keep me from being frustrated.

The regular season can't get here soon enough so I can have actual baseball to be frustrated about.


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