Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Analysis Shows Growing Rates of Analysis

After posting yesterday, I feared that I had harped a bit too much on the lineup analysis topic and started to bore my reader. That fear was confirmed later in the evening when Kris mentioned she was having trouble seeing clearly because her eyes had not yet unfogged after reading line after line of statistical comparisons.

However, not being a graduate of the Carol Slezak School of Broad Generalities, I thought I should check into the matter a bit further and pulled out my trusty (rusty) Excel skills.

I compared the number of posts I have made per week through the life of this blog to the number of posts that deal primarily with statistical analysis:

As you may be able to see in the fuzzy chart and diagram, there has been a recent spike in the number of posts dealing primarily with stats. The red area represents the number of stat-based posts against the total number of posts represented by the blue area. This chart shows periodic spikes in statistical activity that appear to be growing over time.

I decided to dig a bit deeper to see what percentage of my posts have dealt with stats to see if there is a noticeable effect on the overall content of the blog:

Clearly, the blue line, representing the overall percentage of posts dealing with stats, has been trending upward over the life of the blog. Currently, 21.2% of my posts have dealt with stats. That is up from 11.5% just two weeks ago. Overall, the percentage of stat-related posts has been growing at a rate of just over 3.5% per week.

If I chart the trend line (blue) over the actual stat percentage rate (red), and extrapolate it out into the future at the current pace, the projection shows that this blog will be 100% statistical analysis by the end of July.

While this may excite the nerds and geeks of the world like myself, I am at risk of alienating my core audience that consists of females who read this blog primarily out of obligation because they happen to be dating me.

So I'm going to give the stats a rest for now and allow everyone a chance to dig out from under the piles of numbers I have been shoveling around lately. I am 98.3% sure I am doing the right thing, but there is only a 67% chance of that.


Anonymous said...

I think there may be something wrong with my computer...Everything you wrote before "while this may excite the nerds and geeks of the world" was just a big blur.

PS - Your girlfriend sounds very smart. You should buy her something pretty.

water_bearer said...

I second what K... I mean, "Anonymous" said.

60% of what you said sounds like it would be right 100% of the time.

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