Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rod Got Zero Votes (only because its impossible to have less than that)

Anyone who has been paying even a little bit of attention to the Rod Blagojevich impeachment proceedings can not be surprised that Rod was removed from office today. The vote of 59-0 is what is truly shocking.

Think about any time you had a group of even ten of your good friends together and you were trying to decide something. Not anything serious, but just something like what movie to go and watch, or where you want to go and have a drink. How many times do you get a 10-0 vote? Probably not very many.

The state Senate is made up of people who can't agree on anything. They all have individual agendas and polling information pulling them in all different directions. Almost any decision that seems to be a slam-dunk, no-brainer to one person is invariably screwing someone else, so the representative of the screwed people votes against it - just so they can tell their constituents after losing 58-1, "Hey - I did what I could to stop them from screwing you."

That is how toxic Rod Blagojevich was. There was NOBODY who had anything to gain from dissenting even a little bit to Rod being removed kicking and screaming from the office of governor. I'm actually a little surprised he didn't go to his office and handcuff himself to the radiator, while humming "We Shall Overcome" to himself.

Nobody wanted to be the person who could ever be painted as being on Rod's side in this. If the Senators had their way, a yay vote wouldn't have been good enough. The tally would have been 59 "Abso-f---king-lutely Yays" to nothing if the Senate's rules of order would have allowed it as an option.

Hopefully the next step is jail, because he'll probably use all of his extra spare time to try and become Ronnie Woo's sidekick to rebuild his popularity amongst the people. I can hear Ronnie now: "Get away - Woo! Douchebag - Woo! I work alone - Woo!"


water_bearer said...
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water_bearer said...

"Abso-f---king-lutely Yays"...
I believe the equivalent of that was the vote following the impeachment which also passed 59-0 btw, that barred Rod from running for any Illinois office. Ever. Again.
Personally, I thought he might pull a Warden Norton, but then I remembered he's too vain to ruin that fuzzy football helmet he calls hair.
No. Instead he reached a new height of douchebaggery with the press conference on his front lawn replete with almost being back through his front door only to sprint back down the stairs when he saw a little kid he apparently shoots hoops with in the alley.
"Look! See! HE likes me!" If you listen to the audio really closely, the only reason you can't see the boy hidden under all the press was because when Blago wanted to pick him up to be viewed by the cameras, someone mentioned he might not want to do that without the parents' permission.
I've followed Chicago politics my whole life, but even I'm in awe of stink emanating from this guy.
Bet Illinois voters are wishing they passed that recall resolution in Nov. now. How it didn't then, I have no idea. Everyone I knew was voting for it. How much would you like to bet that if it gets on the ballot next time it will pass? Any takers? Anyone?

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