Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Day the Comedy Died

While this might be a little depressing a topic to start out Aisle 424's newer eclectic format, I wanted to commemorate a sad anniversary. Four years ago today, one of my heroes ended his own life with a shotgun. Richard Jeni's inner demons and psychiatric issues caught up with him and he left us too soon, but he left behind some of the funniest stand-up routines I have ever seen.

He didn't break a lot of new ground like George Carlin or gain the wide success of Jerry Seinfeld, but he crafted routines with perfect wording, incredible timing, and a truly hilarious perspective.

Below are some clips that still exist on YouTube from his HBO specials. If you need a laugh, these will do the trick and I assure you the entire specials are comedy gold from beginning to end. I don't know if you can get them on Netflix, but Platypus Man, Good Catholic Boy, and Big Steaming Pile of Me should be enjoyed by anyone who likes quality stand-up comedy.

Thanks again, Richard. I miss you.


MGb said...

Absolutely agree 100%. Richard Jeni was fantastic, you miserable little punk faggot. Not punk, not faggot. Punkfaggot.

MGb said...

you missed this one -

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