Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cubs Want to Put Money Back in State Budget This Time

I made a big deal about the Cubs trying to use state money as a means to increase their own wealth, so it is refreshing to be able to also point out when the Cubs do something that is more socially conscious.  The Cubs and the Illinois Secretary of State's office kicked off an initiative today where the goal is to actually pump money back into the state budget by making official Cubs license plates available to fans who want to let everyone on the road know that they shouldn't be cut off in traffic if the Cubs are losing.

According to Bruce Levine:

Twenty-five dollars from each license plate goes to the Professional Sports Teams Education Fund and is earmarked for the Common School Fund which supports public schools throughout the state of Illinois.

You can go to the Secretary of State's website now and reserve a Cubs license plate for yourself so everyone on the road will know where your allegiances lie and maybe some kids will get a slightly better education as a result. 

You can get Vanity, Personalized or randomly generated plates with the Cubs design.  The full (and complicated) list of fees for regular passenger vehicles are detailed here.  Also, don't ask me to explain the difference between a Vanity and Personalized plate.  I just know Vanity plates are more expensive.

I wonder if KOYIE SUCKS is taken already.


Duey23 said...

Ahhh, now it makes sense that this year's Season Ticket Holder "gift" was a license plate frame. So not only can you get the plates, you can frame it by proclaiming that you spend hard earned money.

Actually, smart play by the Cubs. Of course, it would have been nice to tell us about the plates in advance (with the frame) versus sending us an email 1 hour before the actual announcement.

Aisle 424 said...

Man, I am already so out of the loop. I didn't know about the license plate holders. This blog has officially become entirely useless.

Duey23 said...

Hardly "useless"! c'mon now, we still need loads of rapier wit to keep us grounded in what is the marketing machine known as the Chicago Cubs.

Hey, I don't see a plate holder as a real "gift". I only want ONE gift, just one somewhat significant gift that the franchise hasn't given anyone in over 103 years!

I realized yesterday that in my lifetime (44 years, almost 45) that every major professional sports franchise has won their championship in Chicago.

Bears, Hawks (finally), Sox (ugh), Bulls (several), Sting, Fire and then you can pull in Wolves and Rush as well. Hell, even the Kane County Cougars did it!

I know that's comparing apples to watermelons (sort of) but if even these can win once every 45 years....ugh, why do I bother ;-p

FrankS said...

I'd like to know when the Cardinal plates will be available. Maybe I could buy one so that the curse of my Cub fandom will be transferred to the Redbirds.

Aisle 424 said...

I like the way you think, Frank.

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