Friday, October 1, 2010

Zambrano Wants to Win in Chicago

Apparently, Carlos Zambrano isn't going to flee the sinking ship of the Cubs just to save himself.  He wants to win a World Series and he wants to do it in Chicago for the Cubs.
According to Bruce Levine, Zambrano will use his no-trade clause to block any trade in the offseason:

"Because I'm on a mission, and until I accomplish this mission, I'll be right here," Zambrano told on Friday.

The mission Zambrano speaks of has kept Cubs owners and managers up at night for 102 years.

"Of course, to win the World Series here," Zambrano said. "It's not just me, I have confidence in my teammates that we can do it."

Carlos will probably need help from The Big Guy Upstairs
 to fulfill his goal, but he's set on trying anyway.

I still don't understand how people don't root for this guy through thick and thin.  Isn't this exactly what you want your favorite players to say?

This isn't even a new angle for Zambrano.  He has always talked about loving Chicago, loving the fans (who only seem to love him back when things are going well), and wanting to bring a World Series to Chicago.  He wants to be a part of it and he thinks he can be a key to a pitching staff that accomplishes that goal.

That is exactly how I want athletes to view their jobs with my favorite teams.  I want them to want it, and I don't want them planning on taking their talents to another location where the goal might be a little easier (*cough* LeBron *cough*).

But I have a feeling that people will view this statement from Zambrano like he's the selfish one because everyone just wants to be rid of him.  It will be like when Derrek Lee didn't want to be traded to a team across the country that was just as far out of first place as the Cubs.  Selfish bastards.

Meanwhile across town, I haven't heard any uproar about from this statement from a prominent member of the White Sox rotation:

"As I sit here now, I'd love to just go home and be with the family and kids and go from there."

Yep, Mark Buerhle is publicly considering retirement after his contract runs out in 2011.  He'll be 32 years old at that time and will have spent 12 years in the majors.  Where is all the backlash about what a lazy, selfish asshole he is for wanting to spend time with his family?

Meanwhile, Zambrano talks about retiring when his contract is done after 2012 when he'll be 31 years old, and will have spent 12 years in the majors and everyone questions his dedication to winning.

I am thrilled to death that Zambrano wants to come back because he is one of the only fun players to watch left on the team.  He busts his ass in every game and every at-bat.  He cares so much that he sometimes can't control himself, but he is working on that.  I would rather have a guy who cares too much than someone who could give a damn (isn't that why we were all so happy to see Sammy run out of town?)

Hell, he was calm, cool and collected after getting pasted on Opening Day and everybody was pissed he didn't show any emotion about it.  Then the Cubs ended up humiliating him by tossing him in the bullpen.  I'm shocked his implosion waited until June.  If I was Zambrano, I probably would have lost my shit right then and there when Lou told me I was going to be a freaking set-up man because fat-ass Carlos Silva was having a lucky streak.

So it looks like I'll be losing my bet with Row 6 Mike in Aisle 424 afterall.  I bet him dinner that Zambrano would be gone by Opening Day next year.  I've never been more pleased to lose a bet in my life.


Unknown said...

I couldnt of said it better

Anonymous said...

Go Big Z!

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