Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hall of Fame Chooses Expos Cap for Dawson (Temple de la renommée choisit chapeau Expos pour Dawson)

That roar that jarred you out of a sound sleep last night was the sound of jubilation breaking loose in Quebec as Fred Mitchell broke the news that the Baseball Hall of Fame would be announcing that Andre Dawson will be inducted as a Montreal Expo.

Almost three people took to the streets in celebration when they heard the much anticipated news.  Joyous shouts of "Qui est André Dawson," "De que parlez-vous" and "Le base-ball est un jeu stupide" were heard throughout the streets for upwards of five minutes following the report.

It is truly a great day for Canada.  Congratulations to our friends to the North, or as they might say, Rien n'est meilleur que l'hockey.


Seat 106 said...

All of those shouts came after those almost 3 saw a mobile Jumbotron telling them, when, what and how to shout.

Seat 106 said...

The Premier's office in Montreal issued the following statement: Nous ne donnons pas une merde sur les Américains.

Aisle 424 said...

Qui savait que ses commentaires dans un français pouvait être aussi amusant? J'aime le internet.

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