Sunday, July 12, 2009

Join the Jeff Baker Fan Club

If you happen to follow me on Twitter (and if you don't, you are missing some of the greatest in-game commentary since Bill Murray guest-broadcasted in place of Harry Caray after the stroke), you already know that I have taken the keys to the Jeff Baker Fan Bus and I am driving it through the streets of Chicago while honking the horn.

I saw that Baker was batting .107 prior to the game yesterday, and saw that he had been placed in the 7th hole in the lineup at second base. My immediate reaction was to wonder how Koyie Hill felt about batting below a guy who is hitting .107, but as I saw Baker out in the field towering above Ryan Theriot at shortstop, I began thinking that its a shame that he has essentially been worthless at the plate this year.

I mean, there he was standing there with normal human height out on the field - why couldn't he become a reasonably useful second baseman? I'm not asking for Ryne Sandberg, I'm asking for someone good enough to keep Aaron Miles as far away from the active roster as humanly possible.

Thus, I decided that Jeff Baker needed a fan (much as I decided long ago that Gary Scott needed a fan). So I began vocally showing my appreciation for Jeff Baker, or as I like to call him, Mark DeRosa II.

This, of course, embarassed Kris tremendously, as she knows that one shouldn't generally cheer for the position player with a .107 average. She asked me to please quiet down and tried to figure out how to pretend that she didn't know me. Then in the second, Milton Bradley got plunked on an 0-2 pitch to force in a run and bring up Jeff Baker with the bases loaded and 2 outs.

It was on.

With me shouting encouragement with every pitch, Baker proceeded to line a single up the middle to drive in two and provide the Cubs with enough runs to win the game. He later walked after going down 0-2 in the count, and doubled down the left-field line before striking out in the 8th.

This was not a GREAT game, but it certainly was a productive one. He had good at-bats, he got on base, and most importantly, he had a hit with runners in scoring position. His average climbed 54 points to .161 by the end of the game. Well done, sir.

(I'm going to overlook, for now, that Ted Lilly would not have given up a run at all and may have been able to finish a shutout if Jeff hadn't non-chalanted a grounder that turned into a Colby Rasmus hustling single who later scored.)

So, I have called President of the Jeff Baker Fan Club, so that position is taken, but there is plenty of room on the bus so come on aboard! If you're not sold on Jeff Baker, just think of it as the Anti-Aaron Miles Society. The Fan Club Headquarters are in Aisle 424 - I'm thinking of making t-shirts.


Emily said...

I still need to see more of Baker before I can whole-heartedly jump on your bus.
but an Anti-Aaron Miles Society? now THAT is someting that I can support!! =]

Humble Cubs Fan said...

Baker looked a little overmatched at the plate today against Lohse.  Not a good sign when you are pinch hit for by Sam Fuld. 

Tim McGinnis said...

I'm not saying (really) that Jeff Baker is a gift from the Gods, but anybody who can keep Miles as far away from the active roster as humanly possible is going to get my wholehearted support.

Tim McGinnis said...

He had a solid single in his first at-bat and then it appeared like maybe he had read this blog and gotten a bit full of himself and tried to do too much.  His tagging of Pujols on the dropped popfly by Theriot alone jumped him light years ahead of Miles in my book.

Lou wanted a lefty-righty matchup when he pulled Baker. That Fuld pinch-hit actually spoke more to how far Fontenot has fallen.  That was a situation that would have screamed for Fontenot last year, but he looks absolutely clueless right now.

Felix Pie fan said...

I'm on board!  I was liking what I saw (and heard, because I often listen to games on the radio) and then today I was at the game when he got a HR. 

I'm also a Felix Pie fan and was quite bummed when he got traded.  I like to root for the underdogs.

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